Whether its a riveting movie, a beautiful painting or a poem, the arts are intimately connected to the expression and exploration of human thoughts, feelings and existence. Art and psychoanalysis throughout time have informed one another and both disciplines dive deeply into the world of symbolism in action and how these symbols impact the creation of meaning. For more information on the relationship between art and psychoanalysis and for further reading recommendations on the subject, please check out this webpage with numerous articles and resources from Oxford Bibliographies. You can also check out PsyArt, an online journal for the psychological study of the Arts.

Additionally, there are many films that explore psychoanalysis, both in a modern context as well as from a historical perspective. The following films explore and demonstrate many concepts from psychoanalysis such as transference, complexes, fixations, the anima/animus, the id, ego and superego. Some of the following films go into the history and development of modern psychology more broadly, as well as into the lives of prominent figures within psychoanalysis. Some of these films take concepts from psychoanalysis and fictionalize them into stories, demonstrating ways in which these concepts might play out.


Lou Andreas-Salom